Skimming. When initially choosing the wallpaper, use a color palette to find colors of wallpaper that will complement the wall. Made in the USA. Take the strip of paintable wallpaper to the wall and line it up with the previously drawn line. Measure the length of the first wall you will be papering. Textured paper is applied in the same manner as regular paper, though with a bit more care. "It's been ten years since I hung wallpaper. Try thinking about what complementary colors would go with the wallpaper. I removed the upper 1/2 wallpaper w a steamer - $90, Lowes- textured and painted antique white. Cut the first piece of paper slightly longer … This keeps it … Be exact when applying your wallpaper. I have used peel and stick wallpaper several times on my textured walls. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Work with a friend, if possible, to install a border near the ceiling. Hanging patterned paintable wallpaper is an ideal home design solution when painting walls in your home will only reveal the poor condition of them. Some of you might recall earlier this year I partnered with Walls Republic on a few wallpaper projects: some modern wall art and a grasscloth-covered trunk.During our conversations months ago, I told them that I really wanted to come up with a renter-friendly wallpaper … 3. With over 12 years of experience, Kanika specializes in remodeling, refurnishing, and color consulting. Wallpaper is best hung over smooth walls. If the door is far from the corner, draw a reference line … It worked very well. But you can always go to someplace like Kelly Moore to find a color match for your wallpaper with a color palette if you're unsure. Even with super precise measuring and lining up the pattern, there will inevitably be bumps and gaps you just can’t prevent. Handle knives and razors carefully and keep them out of reach of children. Thanks! Contact us, we'll send you a sample, and you can see for yourself how well it holds! Not only was it way trickier to put up … I didn't think of fabric- maybe I will do this instead! I have tried spray adhesive to try and save my beautiful paper, but that isn’t working either. Because glossy and semi-gloss paints are easy to clean and durable, they are often used in bathrooms and kitchens. Textured or anaglypta wallpaper can be applied to almost any type of wall, but is often used in old homes to cover uneven plaster. Hanging border wallpaper is a great way to bring color and style to any room, and can highlight the hues and decor of your bathroom, bedroom, den, kitchen or living room. Here you can see what the wall looked like up until a couple of weeks ago and close up on the right you can see the line from the tape. Read on to learn the challenges of hanging wallpaper on textured walls and ways to create a smooth surface for wall mural installation. 4. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Some problems arise when it comes to hanging wallpaper on textured walls, since it best adheres to a smooth, even surface. Though paintable wallpaper has been around for quite some time, it has recently come back into popularity due to its versatility and ease. You can buy a poster frame. Sand the area where the wallpaper border will be installed to rough up the surface of the paint. This article was co-authored by Kanika Khurana. Kanika holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University, a Redesign and Home Staging Certification, and an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Cañada College. Wallpaper borders bring color, character, and detail to a room with an exciting new look for your walls - easier and quicker than ever. I’ve learned some things along the way so I thought I’d share my textured wall painting wisdom with you. Painting over wallpaper is a chore. Challenges of Hanging Wallpaper on Uneven Walls . Hanging wallpaper border over mildew will cover mildew, but not kill it. If you can't find complementary colors, you can go to someplace like Sherman Williams or even a Home Depot and try to work with them to find a color match for your wallpaper. If installing near the ceiling it helps to have a friend assisting in the process and holding up the strip of wallpaper. Remove excess paper with straight edge and razor. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 60,388 times. I used a peel and stick wallpaper on lightly textured walls. When the surface is relatively smooth, wipe the wall down with a damp cloth to remove loose drywall dust. Using a heavy-duty adhesive, apply to lining paper. Why should I overlap at edges as opposed to butting the edges together? If you are placing the border in the halfway up the wall, use a pencil to mark the placement for the top of the border. Holding it up against the old wallpaper is not the same as actually hanging it. Stretch out the border wallpaper and apply the paste generously onto the backside. It sticks without a problem, but you can see the texture through the paper if it is very light in color. For stippled walls, we recommend sanding the wall down and applying a coat of primer. I imagine this would show through the paper, so I wanted to prep the surface. Apply a latex primer to the surface using a smooth nap roller. Prepare the wall in much the same way before hanging your liner paper. Heavy Textured Walls. I’ve done a test strip, and it seems to be working ‘okay’, but I’m still a bit skeptical on whether or not it is going to stay put. I have used peel and stick wallpaper several times on my textured walls. How do I choose border wallpaper for a room? Interior Designer. Author. Line up something hard and straight along the edge of the wallpaper and drag the razor down the edge. Trim the excess wallpaper on the next wall to ¼ inch (6 mm) using a sharp knife or razor and a straight edge. Sometimes there are colors that will complement the wallpaper no matter what! Model # HAS01021B. We asked Sherwin Wms if we needed any extra adhesive and they showed us a clay adhesive we could add. Cover your island in a fun peel and stick wallpaper print. Be careful not to stray outside your lines because the primer can stain the walls. There is paintable wallpaper (Lowes) that's available in the bead board look. I have used Target paper and it's very thin. If it looks good to you, then it looks good. Measure each wall from edge-to-edge and cut the border pieces before you begin. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Start in a corner near a door. Let dry for 24 hours, then sand it smooth. For walls with heavy texture, sand some of the texture off the walls, and try to make the surface as smooth as possible. Pre-pasted wallpaper usually needs to be wet, meaning you should soak it in water for no more than 30 seconds. I’ve tried several things to remove that leftover adhesive and it seems like anything that removes it also strips the color from the ‘wallpaper.’ I really want those borders gone but not as much as I don’t want to paint all the walls! To install a wallpaper border on your wall, follow these steps: Bend your border paper gently into an accordion fold. Knock down any heavy texture from an orange peel or plaster finish that will show through the paper. Then you can do what you wish to the area. It will not adhere properly or be smooth. Last Updated: October 19, 2020