This increased soil moisture causes the leaves to turn yellow. This is a result of the calcium oxalates found in the plants sap. I have a leaf on my monstera that flipped itself upside down reaching for the window. Whatever houseplant food you use, don’t over-fertilize your plant because salts build up and can burn the roots of the plant. Leaves pointing up is usually the sign of a healthy, fast-growing marijuana plant that’s getting a lot of light, but in some cases, is accompanied by light stress. Fortunately the purpose of calcium oxalates is to make the plant taste unpleasant to stop people or animals from eating it, so most of the side effects of eating Monstera are superficial at worst, such as a sore mouth, lips or tongue. I try to do this once a week by using a pressure sprayer, leaving for 10 minutes, then wiping with a clean cloth (I recycle my old t-shirts for this job!) Monstera deliciosa leaf holes eventually grow towards the edge and open up as they mature. Another method is to let it sit in water for a few hours, giving the roots a chance to drink up! If your Monstera has what looks like cords pointing down from the stems, those are aerial roots. We replanted the tree when I brought it home and all the new growth looks like this. Some strains are more sensitive to light and specific environmental conditions than others. The most common reason for yellowing leaves in the monstera adansonii plants is overwatering. More posts from the houseplants community. Download this Free Vector about Monstera leaves, and discover more than 10 Million Professional Graphic Resources on Freepik 60 Pieces 4 Kinds Artificial Palm Leaves with Faux Stems Tropical Plant Leaves Monstera Leaves Safari Leaves for Hawaiian Luau Party Jungle Beach Table Leave … What are the Best Cannabis Nutrient Brands? I wanted to share this transformation so that others can see how quickly and dramatically a monstera can change with just some careful pruning over time. They are standing straight up. (For the Biggest/Fastest Yields), 10 Cannabis Photography Tips & Tricks for Epic Cannabis Pictures. In that case, the praying leaves are a sign to help you narrow down the cause to your light levels. Plant Biotechnology Question Bank, CAUSE: Whiteflies are small, moth-like insects that cluster on the undersides of leaves. Maximizing the light intensity improves growth rates and yields as long as you pay attention if the plant says “enough is enough!” A sick plant doesn’t produce well. What Causes Nutrient Deficiencies in the Flowering Stage? This will show up as brown spots on the leaves. The pointed-up leaves in this picture are a healthy green color, which means the plants are in the “sweet spot” for light intensity. They die still rolled up. As the plant matures, the newer leaves will slowly have more and more fenestrations. Yellow leaves are often caused by a nutrient deficiency, but if you know the nutrient situation is perfect and observe the praying leaves go from green to yellow, it could be light stress. Thanks! Step 3 Remove stems and branches by making a flat cut where the stem or branch joins with the parent stem. What causes one plant to thrive might cause a different plant to turn yellow. This isn’t a nutrient deficiency. Register to confirm your address. I ordered the plant online in September and was disappointed by how there were very few leaves with fenestrations, it looked like a completely different plant than the ad. Free Delivery Over A$100. If praying leaves appear on a healthy, fast-growing plant, you probably found the “sweet spot” for light intensity.