Bassdash Fly Fishing Flies Kit Fly Assortment Trout Bass Fishing with Fly Box, 36/64/72/76/80/96pcs with Dry/Wet Flies, Nymphs, Streamers, Popper 4.4 out of 5 stars 862 $38.98 $ 38 . I like to carry this kit on my backwoods fishing trips – it’s great for taking with you to reach those streams up in the middle of nowhere. Read on to learn more about the best fly fishing combo starter kits. It’s an inclusive kit that’s sure to help you make the most of your experience out there on the water. The most basic fly fishing starter kits contain only a rod, reel, and perhaps some line. You will end up buying longer fly line that is weight forward, and will certainly need a boatload of leader/tippet – so the fact that one small piece is included in both kits is meaningless. The reel seats are made out of wood and are laser etched on the rods that are 6 weight or less – now that’s something you aren’t going to see on every fly fishing set up. It has a reinforced carbon fiber design, giving it 20% more strength than your conventional carbon rod. Make sure you select a fly rod weight and length that are appropriate to the size of flies and casting abilities you have in mind. We hope you love the products we recommend. If youre new to the sport or looking for a fantastic gift for someone who loves the great outdoors, complete fishing kits are the ideal way to kick off a lifetime love of fishing. It has a sleek design and an even sleeker disk drag system made out of stainless steel. Manufacturer model #: PFYKIT2. It’s an attractive unit that is made out of high-quality materials. The Wal-Mart leader/tippet does not look like it is tapered – so it will probably not work very well. Other than that, the kits are pretty much the same. Carp Fishing Kits. Backing should be the first thing you add to your reel. The fly rod is made with durable but extra lightweight carbon fiber. Bass Pro Shops carry a wide selection of fly fishing rods & reels. Product Model: J0775. Spinning Kits. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This kit includes equipment that looks and feels like a higher-quality set-up – yet at a fraction of the price. FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £50* FREE DELIVERY TO IRELAND ON ALL ORDERS OVER £150* INTEREST FREE FINANCE ON ALL ORDERS OVER ... Savage Gear Dropshot Pro Pack Kit 22pc. All sorts of bad things can happen to you when to go into the woods to visit the places documented here. Our selection of fly-fishing gear includes fishing waders, fishing boots, wading jackets, fly packs, fly rods and reels, fly lines, and tools and accessories so you are prepared when on the water. It can have weights anywhere from 4 to 40 lbs. Now: £204.99 . The most important feature that a reel should have is its ability to match your rod weight. However, it’s also a good pick for beginners who are new to casting, as it moves smoothly and easily. ODDSPRO Fly Fishing Flies Kit, 36/78Pcs Fly Fishing Lures, Fly Fishing Dry Flies Wet Flies Assortment Kit with Waterproof Fly Box for Trout Fishing ... Water Gremlin Removable Split Shot Pro Pack, 48ea/BB, 36ea/3/0, 16ea/7, 12ea/5, 12ea/4, Multi. Fly Tying Kits. Not sure where to start? Beginner setups are usually found in weights of 4-8. Usually, it will contain a monofilament line and will be thicker at the butt section before tapering into a thin line at the end. The weight of the rod you choose will determine how easily you can cast, what kind of line and reel to buy, and what size flies you fish with. A huge range of fly fishing rods, salmon rods, trout rods, saltwaters rods and equally great collection of reels from well known brands. The Orvis Encounter is an excellent fly fishing starter kit for beginners. Comes preinstalled with chartreuse, WF5-F, weight forward 5, floating fly line, 20# orange backing and 9 5X tapered monofilament leader. These weights usually allow you to cast with ease, plus they are more versatile for targeting a range of fish. Bass Pro Shop The way to introduce fishing to a newcomer is from shore or by wading in a shallow stream or river. Plus, it comes with a lifetime manufacturers’ warranty, so you don’t have to worry about making any bad mistakes out there on the water. This helps improve casting ability. The Temple Fork Fly Fishing Outfit also comes with a custom-made Cordura case so you don’t have to worry about damaging your kit in transport. In 1999, I was on a trip to Maine and the Basswife and I both took a 4 hour lesson that included some exercise of the principles on a lake. Customer Review. Wild Water is the exception to that rule. Sougayilang Fly Fishing Starter Kit. It can be tough to figure out exactly what kind of gear you need, especially if you are new to the hobby of angling, to begin with. I must admit that this is not my first run at this. Our range includes Loop, Orvis, Vision, Fladen, Snowbee, Redington and Fulling Mill to suit every budget. Buy Now Buy Now More Info. This fast-action rod is excellent at casting and presents flies in a lifelike manner. I needed another weapon to leverage in the war on fish and fly stuff was the easy answer. Youll find equipment to suit all ages and abilities, from junior kits for young beginners to pro sea fishing kits for die-hard fishing fans. 8', 3-pc. It has a 100-yard line capacity, too! The PATH rod is a medium-fast action graphite rod that casts smoothly and effectively, making it a popular choice even among more experienced anglers. Here’s where my first tentative casts were made and I lost my first fly – a wooly bugger thing – in a quick snap at the end of the backcast that sent it into another dimension. Find rod, reels & fly fishing combos from White River, Temple Fork Outfitters & more. Recall that it was my frustrating experience this fall with spinners hooking leaves on Town Creek that drove me to this extreme. Also, you must have backing – so you would have to buy that if you got the Wal-Mart kit. Sougayilang Fly Fishing Starter Kit comes with a 9ft, 4-piece fly rod. Other than that, the kits are pretty much the same. Otherwise, a reel’s function is to hold your line and to incorporate a drag system to slow down large, runaway fish. I did not want to spend a fortune to take another run at fly fishing – so I’ll make do with this for now and wait for the addiction to kick in. The Maxcatch Extreme Fly Fishing Combo Kit comes in at a super competitive price and comes fully rigged and ready to go. You should, however, keep in mind the reel’s quality. 4.3 out of ... Rod and Reel Starter Kit - Kids Fishing Pole for Boys, Girls and Youth. The 8/9 weight is one of the best options if you intend to pursue saltwater species or heavy freshwater fish species. As for the fly line, it’s not the fanciest you’ll find, but it will get the job done – especially when you’re just learning how to cast. The box of flies is identical. fly rod; Single-action fly reel; Fly line backing; 25 yards of 6-weight fly line; 4 assorted flies hammer) that tends to solve all my home improvement projects. The fly reel, too, is nothing short of impressive. There you have it – you’re just a few short clicks away from owning your very own starter kit. Buy the White River Fly Shop Riseform Double-Sided Waterproof Clear Fly Boxes and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. Find a great selection of Fishing Kits & Bundles for sale at GO Outdoors both instore & online. From £8.99 Up to 23% Off Buy Now Savage Gear Perch Pro Kit 2 … FLY REEL: 85mm diameter spool, die cast aluminum, adjustable disc drag. In addition, it does not have a label like 5X so you do not know what it is. Often, it’s not quite as strong as the leader (which I’ll talk more about in a moment), but it usually takes the brunt of a heavy load so that it will break instead of your leader. You need a good fly box in order to store your flies. Get free delivery on orders over £50. The leader is part of the fly fishing rig and helps to ensure the line won’t bunch up through the fly after it has been cast into the water. Not only will you receive the rod and reel, but you’ll also get retractable zingers, nippers, forceps, flies, and tippets. Their length usually varies between 6 and 14 feet. It’s easy to hang on to, even when it becomes wet or slimy. The fly fishing starter kit for beginners from Temple Fork is another great value choice. This one’s pretty simple to explain – what else are you going to store your lures in? Buy the Tannerite Exploding Targets Starter Kit and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. You’ll attach these to the end of your line. It’s a higher-end reel, with a lightweight, large arbor design that resists twists and kinks in the line. This time is different. The Orvis Encounter is an excellent fly fishing starter kit … The rod is incredibly versatile as a 5 weight, 9-foot rod. Most lures will be equipped with one or more hooks to allow you to catch fish. If you do not agree with this, you should not read anything posted on this site. It even includes a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty so that you can buy with confidence. You can also choose between various lengths, too – both 8.5 and 9 feet are available so you can hone in on the best fishing spots and opportunities. The rod crafted from IM6 graphite, is built with an aluminum reel seat and Grade A cork handle. Bass Pro gives you 25 yds of fly line; Wal-Mart only 22 yds. It’s lightweight yet strong, equipped with a large arbor spool. Get free delivery on orders over £50. Some of the best are made in styles like slit foam, spring, foam, and compartment box styles. The Bass Pro kit is more complete in that it comes with 50 yds of backing (spin guys – I’ll explain what all these components are used for in a following post – but you need all this stuff). You must make your own judgment in terms of acceptable behavior and risk and not rely on anything posted here. Disclaimer and Warning:  The contents of this site reflect the opinion of the author and you, the reader, must exercise care in the use and interpretation of this information. When I was nosing around Wal-Mart, I also saw the kit on the right bottom. Not sure where to start? The reel comes pre-spooled with TFO line. This HUNTER PRO 10' rod and HP200XR reel make a great combination. But some will include the following necessary items as well. However, as with all fishing equipment, there are some variables you are going to want to consider when you’re on the prowl for the best fly fishing starter kit. Beach & Shore Fishing. ADDITIONAL BEGINNERS BOX SET OF 40 FLIES … And… the reel is exactly the same except for the brand name. In other cases, you may need to go out and purchase them separately. Bass Pro gives you 25 yds of fly line; Wal-Mart only 22 yds. The butt section is a one or two-foot long piece of line that attaches to the main fly line. Explore our wide variety of fly-fishing equipment and find exactly what you need for your next fly-fishing adventure. (dry), maybe another Hendrickson and a wooly bugger (streamer). Airflo Fly Kit 8ft 6in 4/5. ... Shakespeare Oracle Salmon Fly Fishing Kit . This means that 25 yards (75 ft) is probably Ok, but I wonder if 22 yards is enough. Troutcatchers 'Fly Fishing for Beginners' web page is designed to help beginners (or even experienced fly fishers who need to be refreshed) choose their fly fishing equipment, plus give plenty of fly fishing tips. The rods, reels and lines here will help you tackle the monsters from the deep. Whether you're new to fly fishing or just want to know more about fly fishing this guide will help you get started in selecting the basic collection of fishing accessories including the right fly fishing gear, selecting flies, leaders, fly line, fly rod and reel. Subscribe today to get the latest Fishing Hacks and to be notified of the Best Prices on Fishing Equipment, Privacy Policy | Affiliate Disclosure | Contact | Blog | About. You can slip and fall on rocks and sustain severe injury. Not sure if it matters, but I know I am used to having a drag on my spinning gear. The Bass Pro kit is more complete in that it comes with 50 yds of backing (spin guys – I’ll explain what all these components are used for in a following post – but you need all this stuff). Fly Fishing Accessories ... Bass Lure Rods Drop Shot & LRF Rods Jerkbait Rods ... Perch Pro Kit Medium 20pcs. Formally known as the TFO NXT Fly Reel, this reel is solidly built and has other spools available to purchase for it, too. It’s a pretty standard reel but is the perfect pick for beginners. All you really will use here is the rod, reel and the flies. Orvis Encounter 5-Weight 9′ Fly Rod Outfit. It’s 9 feet long and is also a four-piece takedown so you can easily compact it down into a more manageable length. Fly fishing might be an enjoyable sport, offering a myriad of benefits to those who choose to partake, but let’s face it: getting into it is not an easy task. Since Bass Pro cost $50 and Wal-Mart was only $20, I was curious about what the extra 30 bucks gets you. Hey there, my name is Sean – OnTrack Fishing is my site. I already mentioned my concern over the lack of an adjustable drag with these reels. It can also transfer energy back to the fly line in order to trick the fish. Now, whether any of this stuff is any good is another issue beyond the scope of this post. A light rod (up to 5) will be great for small fish, while a heavier one (5+) will be best for the big boys. The ease of the loss makes me believe that fly guys lose tons more lures than I ever did spin fishing. You can choose the weight that best suits your fishing preferences. Pick up some flies or learn how to tie your own – whichever you choose, once you have one of the best fly fishing starter kits in your arsenal, you’ll be well-equipped with the skills and equipment you need to be successful out there on the water. Wal-Mart includes knots, a where to find fish section and a quick and dirty tutorial on how to cast – something I had to dig in a fly fishing book to find out. Articles on this site are out of date since some go back to 2006. Don’t reach for the Advil quite yet. This will serve two purposes – it will fill up empty space so that you can reel quickly, and it will also ensure you don’t run out of line if you catch a hungry, ambitious fish. Fishing is a dangerous sport. Once you get really good at fly fishing, you can even begin to make your own flies, too! It comes pre-spooled with line, meaning you won’t have to mess around with loading it with line before you go fishing. So – what’s missing is a nymph. Fly fishing rods are normally weightless and long. Beach & Shore Fishing; Beach & Shore Rods; Rod Accessories; Fixed Spool Reels; Multiplier Reels; Reel Accessories; Outfits / Kits; Fly Fishing.